The first experience on the field of Nourish them with art was in Vietnam, between February 27 and April 4 2014.

The choice of the place is paradigmatic of the form, considering the content of the poverty and the repressed, related to the social and cultural change, tangible and intangible, caused by the impact of industrialization and Westernization of a very poor and irreducible population.

In 2010, Vietnam was included by the World Bank in the middle income countries, but the Hanoi regime still has to juggle China and America, business, wars, traditions and repressions.

The group of volunteers was made up by three teachers (Elisabetta Susani, Tiziana Tacconi, Laura Tonani), two former students (Anna Borghi, Laura Lorusso), two near-graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Chiara Amendola, Davide Pala), together with a member of the association Per Ricominciare (Diego Steccanella). This group has created and documented the therapeutic art workshops at the School of Pho Cap in HCMC.


The workshops were led by Tiziana and Laura, and the participants were the kindergarten children, the school pupils, the director, the teachers, as well as a large group of adults who gave their contribution to the school, ensuring its sustenance and expanding the educational content.
Thanks to the preparatory work carried out on site by Anna (working as a volunteer in the school since 2010), the great atmosphere of expectation was soon transformed into an attitude of mutual trust, respect and openness that allowed everyone, children and adults, to share an experience that managed to enrich everyone, in perfect harmony with the everyday life of the school, which could be seen by this group during the entire period of stay (from February 28 to March13 2013).

Involvement, familiarity and confidence grew day after day.

This experience allowed learning useful lessons and guidelines for the continuation of the project and for the academic teaching in the field of Therapeutic Art.

The collaboration established with the teachers of the school, its director and the representative of the NGO Afn managed to create possible lines of development of the support offered by Nourish them with Art to Pho Cap, for which were also found local and foreign people who could put them into practice.

Moreover, thanks to the relationships with the Italian representatives on the territory, it has been deemed desirable to achieve communication initiatives and valuing of the work, albeit with the caution imposed by the susceptibility of the regime.
From March 14 to April 4, 2014, a delegation of the group (Diego, Elisabetta and Laura) documented the mission of ADRA Vietnam at Tai Ninh, some cases that proved the contribution offered by the Italian brilliance to the enhancement of cultural heritage in Vietnam to My Son He was received by the Italian Ambassador Lorenzo Angeloni and by the corresponding project in Hanoi, Riccardo Bianco Levrin.