Art Therapy Workshop
10 July 2013
Passante Ferroviario Porta Vittoria

Brera Fine Art Academy:
director Franco Marrocco
professor Renato Galbusera,
Chiara Amendola ed Elisa Quattrone,
Brera Art Therapy students
and all the attendees!


On the thread of imagination we worked around an idea that gradually wove a workshop project starting from the symbolism of the thread, as bond, the texture, structuring element of warp and weft, and image of our own existence.
With the thread we can create works through the silent dialogue of hands that knot, intertwine, embroider and gradually build a new choral fabric, an image of shared emotions, skin relational in which each participant is reflected: common destinies intertwined in an embrace.
A workshop open and accessible to all, modelled on the timing and pace of people attended to find new resources in a creative and unique release dormant potential. The therapeutic context arises while doing together, to find a rhythm and a breath common to the whole group.
With wires of different thickness and colour we can "paint" patterns of signs on large formats, cast nets and translucent fabrics, embroider delicate landscapes of the soul, then playing with light and shadow returned by crossing light.

We can imagine stories, communicating through the language of art, the image, which needs no translation, interpreters, but makes people similar.

For the occasion, it was shown the video on laboratory Therapeutic Art with the children of the school of Pho Cap.

The shared works realized were installed in the same space where they were arouse.