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from September 23, 2013

to November 5, 2013

We would like to thank Enzo Avitabile for allowing us to use freely the song "Tutt'egual song' 'e criature" as the theme music of the presentation video of the project We thank all the friends who have been supporting the project.

We would like to remember our dear friend Malick Ba, who passed away before he could realize this dream in Senegal.


My name is Elisabetta Susani.
I teach at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

I meet every day students who wonder where their dreams will end up. I always urge them not to give up.

Many are frustrated, flounder, other have already surrendered to emerge. Just a few still preserve a youthful enthusiasm.

Anna Borghi is among them.
In 2011, newly graduated, she flies to Saigon.

In the art laboratories that she holds at Pho Cap, she helps children to interpret the world and discover themselves. The goal is to lead them to process the trauma of a childhood violated by different aspects of their daily survival.
In August 2012, I meet her with some co-workers.
I bring gifts of friends and former high school mates.

I intend to document her work as a volunteer teacher, so that I could tell everything to Italian students and colleagues.

I have the dream of a project that involves them.
Saigon is a centrifuge.
I look at the urban schizophrenia, the social effects of the collective removal.
The small school is situated in a sunny street of a neighbourhood now surrounded by new buildings.

The children are dressed with clean and ironed clothes but until yesterday they had nothing to eat. In humble back rooms, freshly painted, young women take care of them.

I am told that soon the opening of the kindergarten will enable even little kids to attend the school.

I start to think: primary and secondary school, the canteen, the restructuring and now the kindergarten.

I think of turning to friends and acquaintances’ generosity, a solidarity network.

If you believe that art can help these children, please help us.

By investing in Anna’s dream, you will foster hope.

Other ingenious and generous students will find the courage to believe in their dreams.